photograph by Jeffry Lim


I have not travelled through the world just yet, but I’ve set my life goal capture things that you can’t see with your eyes, but intrigue your heart, and touches your soul.

I believe that sharing is contagious. I was a photojournalist, I learned how to see people through my lens, and share it across the universe. I am a teacher, I share knowledge, not only in photography field but mostly about life’s philosophy. I am an artist, I see the world, knowledge, and especially my photos as an unlimited creation of art. They are infinity, as they will grow, and blow your mind elsewhere, landed at where you’ll never imagine.

My virgin shot wasn't brilliant, but the desire of my first grab on the camera was memorable. I was amused by the capability of that click, as a decision maker for less than one second, I captured life, story, and many more that only photo can tells. And this legendary piece of black & white photo I’ve self-processed in a darkroom had enthusiast me, and lead me to my exhibition, documentary book production, and most importantly, to you.

“Making people laugh is one of the highest achievement you can have” Elliot quoted, thus I keep all the evidence of my great achievement by clicking on the shutter, until forever.


Helios L.